His Choice

While reading God’s Word – have you been surprised when certain passages seem to be speaking directly to you?  I have and I love when that happens.

This morning, I was being thankful for the beautiful sunshiny morning; and all the while making comparisons with how I imagine heaven.  I thanked God for the beauty all around me and in the world He created,  while admitting too, that we are assured that it pales in comparison to heaven.

I was thankful that I received salvation all those years ago – and do not even want to imagine the emptiness of my life without His love and guidance in my life.

I was feeling very good about being so thankful – for so many things and then I read John 15:16-17 and my eyes teared and I was, momentarily, in awe that I was His choice – not He mine!

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you, and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.  These things I command you, that you  love one another”.  (NKJV)

I felt humbled and amazed that I was important enough to Him, that He chose me to be one of His loved ones.  Being a part of His ‘family’ really does give me a sense of strength and peace inside: the emptiness you feel inside – when it feels as if there is a hole inside you that yearns to be filled, and yet you do not know how to fulfill that need; I can tell you – the ony way you can satisfy that inner craving is to fill it with God!  Worldly purchases – pleasure seeking – is all futile and so we waste our lives away, buying more and more stuff, which – once purchased or acquired – soon loses its’ appeal, I am sure you have found that out, or you are finding out right now.  I can assure you that only God can fill that inner need – it took me many years to find that out and truthfully, I regret ‘putting Him on the back burner” for so long, while I did things my way.

Prayer:  Father God – help us to give in and let You come in to our lives, to guide us – to love us and to show us how much more there is in life, when You are the leader.  Amen