Care for One Another

1 Corinthians 4:20 For the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power. (NKJV)

Valentine’s Day is almost here again. A form of insanity takes over as we are urged by manufacturers to show our love for one another, by giving something packaged in red or in a chocolate box.

It is a day to show loved ones how much we care for them; but what about those who had loved ones who are now gone?

1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore comfort each other and edify one another…………(NKJV)

I think God would want us to reach out to, not only, our own loved ones, He would be greatly pleased if we showed compassion to others too. We, as Christians are called to love one another. We are expected to care about all people. Not only on one day of the year, but every day.

We are to remember that the power of the world is self-serving, but the power of God is always good. He does not expect us to spend, spend, spend to show that we care. He expects, in fact commands us, to love one another unconditionally, as He loves us.

The greatest gift He has given us is love. It is unconditional love – where we give without expecting anything in return.

So tomorrow, perhaps someone you know is hurting because of a loss in their lives. Do you think that person would be greatly encouraged by receiving a hug, or a telephone call or a card telling them that they too are cared for. I am sure of it.

So have a happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Brighten someone’s day as you are led.

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