When Your Faith Is Weak, Remember That God Always Provides

A problem interrupts our otherwise orderly life.  For us, it was my husband’s sudden heart attack.  We focus on that problem.  We allow that problem to dictate to us how we should act or react to other things in life.  (He can’t work in construction anymore.)  We wonder how we will overcome the problem.  We have no solutions.  We cannot see what to do.  Fear grips our faith and chokes the peace from our lives.  We see the impossibility rather than the opportunity–we doubt ourselves.  The hospital writes off 90% of a nearly 125,000-dollar bill.  We rejoice.  Then we question how we will pay the balance.  Social Security disability is approved.  Our church supplies our needs till God opens the door for a non-strenuous job.  God supplies once again.  God does not change.  But we sometimes forget.

“They remembered not [seriously the miracles of the working of] His hand, nor the day when He delivered them from the enemy.” Psalm 78:42

It’s not up to us.  God has not forsaken us in the past; why would He now?  It helps me to write down the times God delivers me and my family from our difficulties.  I journal the times I see the miraculous ways He provides–for others as well as myself.  Then when I have what I think is an insurmountable test of faith, I take out my journals and read.  I remember.  I recall the glory I’ve witnessed and rest again in His grace to keep us.  selahV

[copyrighted, 2009, selahV today, Hariette Petersen]

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Hariette Petersen

Married to retired Southern Baptist minister who served in Kentucky for 23 years. Now living in Lawton, Oklahoma. Free-lance writer published in Decision Magazine, Upper Room, Homelife, Living with Children, Living with Teenagers, and more. Mother of two. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of three.

2 thoughts on “When Your Faith Is Weak, Remember That God Always Provides”

  1. Thank you Harriet for sharing your story with us…. I am inspired and blessed by your story. Indeed God never leaves us.

    God Bless

    1. Thankyou for your inspirational story..I have alot of weaknesses but one of them is a tendency to worry alot,-even though deep in my heart i know God is always there and takes care of me and my family.Why I worry I do not know; maybe its because Ive done it for so long in my life it has almost become normal.I think I will keep a journal of everytime Jesus takes care of me and my worries, thats a good start.

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