Good Friday Bible Verses

There are few days more important to the Christian religion as Good Friday, also known as Black Friday. This page lists the relevant Bible verses that describe the final hours of Jesus passion. These scripture quotes could be used to arrange the reading portion of your worship service or personal devotions on that day.

The links in this chart below point to the ESV Study Bible online.

Event Matthew Mark Luke John
Friday Betrayal and arrest (after midnight?) 26:47–56 14:43–52 22:47–53 18:2–12
Jewish trial:
—before Annas 18:13–24
—before Caiaphas and part of the Sanhedrin 26:57–75 14:53–72 22:54–65 18:19–24
—before full Sanhedrin(after sunrise?) 27:1–2 15:1 22:66–71
Roman trials:
—before Pilate 27:2–14 15:2–5 23:1–5
—before Herod 23:6–12
—before Pilate 27:15–26 15:6–15 23:13–25 18:28–19:16
Crucifixion (approx. 9:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) 27:27–54 15:16–39 23:26–49 19:16–37
Burial (evening) 27:57–61 15:42–47 23:50–54 19:38–42

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