I Wait with Bated Breath!

Psalm 42:2  I thirst for God, the living God. When can I come and stand before Him? 

The cold and snow do nothing to encourage me into the great outdoors – I look onto the whiteness all around with anxious longing for warmer temperatures

I wait with bated breath for the appearance of robins back into my garden.  The usual scenario (of the last few years anyway) is sighting a slightly bedraggled robin wearily landing seeking food and, I guess some much needed rest!  It often amazes me to see any back when there is still so much snow around.

Seeing the robin return is guaranteed to lift my spirits from the doldrums of the winter!  It brings with it the promise of spring and brighter, warmer days.  It is a gift from God.

I continually seek His prompting and His ‘nourishment’ for my spirit, relying on Him for all that I require to sustain me.  When my days in this season of my life come to an inevitable end, I will anticipate His presence and invitation into His garden of eternal life. 

He will ever be my source of rest and solace not for one season but forever.

Romans 6:23b … the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  (NKJV)

Prayer:  Abba, we pray that on the day we appear before You we have earned Your solace, food and rest.  Let each one of us be filled with awe and anticipation as we grow through the coldness of life on earth and with bated breath, anticipate life with You in the wonder of the eternal season before us.   In His Name, Amen.

Patricia Day



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Patricia Day

Retired from corporate and social service worlds, I enjoy writing devotionals. I recently, completed a novel, which I is going through the process of editing ready for publication. I love spending time with family, friends, gardening, reading, walking and listening to good music as well as attending live theatre. I am married. Mother to two sons and step-mom to a son & daughter. Proudly a Nana to ten princes and princesses. My devotionals and ramblings can be seen at: http://pepeprays.wordpress.com and http://pattersmatters.wordpress.com. www.devotionalchristian.com www.presbycan.org - Daily Devotionals as well as http://underthecoverofprayer.com. i guest blog for www.FEBC.org which is a Christian radio station I write book reviews for www.bookcrash.com www.readersfavorites.com. Pre-publication readings for John 3:16 Marketing Network. I have written reviews for booksneeze for the past two years Hope you enjoy my blogs. I always appreciate your comments. It is by reading these I know if what I am writing makes sense to anyone else. So feel free to give me your opinions or any prayer requests.

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