Step by Step with Jesus

We never really understand God’s way; that is the mystery of life. God chooses how he will reveal insight and wisdom to each of us. It’s like introducing various foods to a child as their systems are able to tolerate it. God gives as much information as we are able to digest. It’s like a master leading his blindered horse on a treacherous trail. Step by step, the horse trusts his master’s lead. Each step we take in our lives leads to another phase of our lives. Even our missteps have purpose. We can retrace our steps when we get off course, but situations quickly change before we return. Yet, we can still learn from the paths we took. We can analyze our errors, adjust our thinking, take note and measure wherein we stumbled, lost sight of a course and took detours that led us astray. It can be difficult to undo what has already been done; but with God, all things are possible to him who believes and trusts the Lord to right a course or action.

“Man’s steps are ordered by the Lord. How then can a man understand his way?” Proverbs 20:24

What man may mean for evil, God works out for His good; remember Joseph’s trip from the cistern to the palace? Everything Jesus said or did was something done to fulfill prophecy. The cross was no mistake. As we walk with Jesus today, He guides our way–even when we do not think He is guiding us. He still guides. He delivers.

A Christian’s life is lived by faith–trusting in a merciful all-knowing God. As we learn to trust our Father in one area and yield to Him, He gives us another trial to test our faith. Unlike me, who creates a pathway as I go, God has an ordered system for me and for each of His children’s lives. Our steps are orderly, thoughtful; God has given us precepts and principles to follow. Our lives are ordered by God to provide purpose, lives lived for His glory. When we step outside the pathway He has planned, He allows us to wander off in the liberty of our choosing until our pride is broken and our weakness brings us back to Him. But, He will not let us wander without His correction and discipline. He checks our steps. He prods us back with His rod and staff until our ways are His ways. We are His children, after all. He knows what is best for us. To me, that is a comforting thing to ponder.

PRAYER:  Lord Jesus, lead us into your paths of righteousness.  Keep us from temptation and renew a right spirit within us each morning and evening. Give us clear vision and wisdom to walk in your footsteps throughout the day. Amen

© Hariette Petersen, SelahV Today, 2010