The Legend of Soaring Eagle

In a massive nest in the top of a majestic tree overlooking a clear Colorado lake lived a family of eagles. Faithful Father was a diligent provider, often leaving the nest for hours to find food for his family. Loving Wings, the mother eagle, stayed mostly with her eaglets, Fancy Flier and Lazy Eagle, shielding […]

Bible Verses On Freedom

Below are some Bible verses that relate to freedom we have in Christ. Freedom can be defined in several ways for different individuals. Some people are in bondage to fear, to sin, to other people, to circumstance. Through Christ we are assured God delivers, rescues, frees, and releases Believers from all kinds of chains: be […]

Who Do You Trust?

Cleft of the rock

It troubles some people when others do not share their mistakes and how God helped them deal with the aftermath.  Many people find it difficult to open up and share problems they have, or the struggles they face as a result of a poor choice or impulsive decision.  They are basically afraid to trust others […]