Ignorance Shines Through

“10 Yet these people slander whatever they do not understand, and the very things they do understand by instinct—as irrational animals do—will destroy them.” Jude 1:10

It is crazy sometimes how the scriptures come alive in our lives. The other day I found myself in a situation where this verse hit me in the face. I work in student ministry and the one thing people can see in me is my passion for students. I love the students I work with and will defend them like they’re my very own children.

I recently found myself in a situation where a decision was made and some individuals who had nothing to do with the decision, or any of the ramifications of the decision, were commenting on the matter. The frustrating part was that none of the individuals involved were impacted by the decision, but they still felt the need to complain and bad mouth the decision. I walked in on the discussion and wanted to explode. I opened my mouth to comment, but by the Grace of God I was able to bite my tongue. God filled my open mouth with the wisdom to relax and go on with the tasks that needed to be done.

How about you?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it seemed that people criticized a decision that didn’t impact them? It is in these moments where our human instinct wants to kick them in their shins, that God teaches us what it means to be a follower. That we’re to be patient. That we’re to be kind. And that we’re to be loving. Even in the moments where human ignorance in individuals shines through. When this ignorance is so bright that we shade our eyes….we’re to reflect Him to these people.