The Good Samaritan

My husband and I, recently travelled for three hours to attend the wedding of a dear friend.  The journey was as good as it could be, given that the weather had finally decided to become wintry!

Our return journey unfortunately was marred by an accident.  Not a big accident, but not a good situation.  We had travelled through white-out conditions on the major highways and turned onto a side road close to home.  This was where we encountered more heavy and blowing snow!  We could not see the road ahead and it took just seconds for us to realize we were sliding off the road!  We came to rest in a snow-filled ditch, and became well and truly stuck and the weather was not being kind!  The wind was almost gale force causing almost zero visibility. 

We called for help via our auto club and then had to wait.  We were told it could be as long as an hour or more!  We had no choice but to ‘hunker down’ and wait.

During the time we were entrenched in the ditch – we had so many offers of help from passing motorists.  Mostly offering to call for help!  Inquiring if we were hurt!  What could they do?  Their ongoing kindness and concern left us feeling less alone, in our awful situation. 

One man had suggested he try and pull us out with the use of a strap – but because we had called for a tow truck, we decided to wait for that.  However, as time dragged on and it was certainly not getting any warmer, when another gentleman came along and stopped; looked at our cars’ position in the ditch and reassured us that he’d be able to pull us out, we readily agreed to let him try.  He succeeded and then drove behind us for a while, making sure we really were OK!  How very kind he was!  How very thankful we were for his assistance and for all the other motorists who so readily offered help!  So many good samaritans!  

Luke 10:33-34  But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was, and when he saw him, he had compassion.  So he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring oil and wine and set him on his animal…….

We, thankfully, did not have wounds!  But the many good neighbors who stopped to offer help warmed our hearts, just as the good Samaritan in Luke’s story must have surely warmed the spirit of the injured traveller.

We are all called to be good neighbors to each other and the travellers who chose to stop and offer help to us were indeed good examples.  They all, despite the bitterness of the wind and cold, put our welfare first in showing such concern.  We were very thankful for each one.  And, in case you are wondering – yes, we did call the auto club and cancel the tow truck; in fact we did this as soon as we had been pulled back onto the road and found there was no further need for that service.

Prayer:  Father God, we were blessed by the many ‘angels’ you sent our way to help us in our time of need, and we pray your abundant favor and blessing upon each soul who showed concern for their neighbors.  Whether they realized it or not, they were choosing to be good neighbors to people they did not know; showing mercy because there was a need.  We are thankful for each one of them.  In Jesus Name, Amen

 Patricia Day





Close in Case of Fire!

Pelee Island Ferry

I’ve recently visited Pelee Island, and while crossing from the mainland on the ferry, I noticed this sign, on a Bow Thruster Compartment Exhaust – “Close in Case of Fire”: how many times, I wonder, should we also heed that directive when we are ready to ‘zap’ somebody with our spiteful, fiery words. It would be wise of us to consider this command for our mouths – Close in Case of Fire!

Ecclesiastes 12:11 The words of the wise are like goads (NKJV)

It Spreads Like a Virus

Compassion. Sympathy. Tenderness. Empathy. Sensitivity. Kindness.

These are not words that one often hears about in the news. They are not words that seem to be prioritized or emphasized in the media – whether that be on news stations, in movies or televisions shows, or over the radio. Sure, sometimes after a disastrous event they are touched on – but then they are left behind in the dust as politicians are raked over the coals and celebrities are publicly criticized.

God says, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32

Be kind. Tenderhearted. Forgive. Such a common Bible verse and yet one that seems to be glossed over and “forgotten” so often.

Compassion is important to me. Tenderness often does the most amazing things in relationships. These qualities heal, nurture, and give life.

We live in a world that seems to be getting more cold and bitter by the day. Rudeness is common and people have grown to be experts at protecting their beliefs in a strong-willed, outspoken, abrupt kind of way.

Where is the tenderness? Where is the kindness?

God didn’t ask us to be tender when we felt like it. He did not ask us to be kind only to those who were sweet and loving in return. No, He told us to BE KIND. BE TENDERHEARTED. And FORGIVE. They were commands.

I think attitudes are like viruses. What one person does seems to “catch” onto every person they run across on that particular day. If you are mean to someone, suddenly their mood turns sour and they are gruff with another person, who in turn is harsh with another…and so on. So likewise, what would happen if we are tender to someone? Kind? Compassionate? They in turn, will give grace and mercy to another, and that person will cut a break to someone else and so on. Just. Like. A. Virus.

What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of person do you want to be? Sure, we can’t impact everyone – but we sure can impact quite a few – simply by starting with our own choices, actions, and attitudes with one person. It will spread from there.

Don’t give up. Don’t stop believing.  Let God deal with your hurts and ask Him to help you show others what your heart so longs for as well. Tenderness, forgiveness, and kindness.

~ Dionna Sanchez (