The Good Samaritan

My husband and I, recently travelled for three hours to attend the wedding of a dear friend.  The journey was as good as it could be, given that the weather had finally decided to become wintry! Our return journey unfortunately was marred by an accident.  Not a big accident, but not a good situation.  We […]

Close in Case of Fire!

I’ve recently visited Pelee Island, and while crossing from the mainland on the ferry, I noticed this sign, on a Bow Thruster Compartment Exhaust – “Close in Case of Fire”: how many times, I wonder, should we also heed that directive when we are ready to ‘zap’ somebody with our spiteful, fiery words. It would […]

It Spreads Like a Virus

Compassion. Sympathy. Tenderness. Empathy. Sensitivity. Kindness. These are not words that one often hears about in the news. They are not words that seem to be prioritized or emphasized in the media – whether that be on news stations, in movies or televisions shows, or over the radio. Sure, sometimes after a disastrous event they […]