Refuge in the Lord

The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.
Nahum 1:7

Where do you go in your day of trouble? What stronghold provides your comfort? Is it the crumbling and shifting sand of the world, seeking entertainment to distract you from pain or distress? Do you find solace in food, feeding your sorrow? There are many things that call to us in the day of trouble but only one that provides true safety and comfort.

The Lord has promised himself as a stronghold in the day of trouble. Unlike the fortresses offered by the world, his walls cannot be torn down. His defenses are not made of air. His arm is mighty to save and the Lord has bent his arm for the good of his children.

When the world comes calling, offering its wares for comfort and safety, it does not care about those who seek it out. Satan has no interest in the people of this world. His only interest is tearing down the work of God. We are just a means to an end. But God loves his people. He extends himself to us freely and graciously. And he tells us that he knows us. All those who find their rest in him are known by him. He knows your life. He knows your trouble. He knows your sorrow. He knows what stronghold is needed in your life today. He knows you, and he has given himself for you.

Rest, Christian, in the mighty, gracious, generous arms of God. He is our shelter and strength, our stronghold in the day of trouble.