Jesus Teaches Us To Know & Do The Will of God

I have a longing in my heart. It is ever-present. When I talk, I want my words to express the life of Christ within me. When I work, I want my actions to show I’m devoted to God. When I pray I want my prayers to be in keeping with His will; I want the results to glorify Him. When I write, I want my words to magnify Christ; I want to encourage others and inspire others to live for Jesus. I don’t know anyone who professes Christ who would not say they wanted the same thing. So why in the world do we fall so short of the things we want?

I think it might be because we feed on the desires of our hearts, rather than feeding on God’s desires for us. We think we know what God wants of us, but we miss His target.

Outside the town of Sychar, the disciples found Jesus at the well. He’d been talking to the woman at the well. The woman had dropped her water pot, and run back to town to share what Jesus had said to her. The disciples wanted Jesus to stop and eat something. They had His best interests at heart. Yet, Jesus wasn’t ready to eat. He was about to go to work.

“Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of Him Who sent Me and to accomplish and completely finish His work.’ ” John 4:34

A few minutes after Jesus said this, the disciples witnessed numerous Samaritans running to Jesus. The Samaritans came to see this “Messiah” acclaimed by the woman of ill-repute who had left her water pot at the well. When they saw Him for themselves, they believed in Him also. They begged Him to stay with them, and He stayed two days. During that time, many more believed on Him. A harvest. Jesus fed on this harvest–the will of the Father.

Can we get caught up in things of the world and miss the opportunities in front of our eyes? Can we get consumed with doing all the normal tasks of life, perhaps even correct things, nothing harmful, and lose sight of what Jesus brings to us? All the woman at the well wanted was to fill her pot with water.  Jesus gave her Living Water. All the disciples wanted was to give Jesus something to eat. But Jesus showed them people hunger for something greater than food. The disciples thought they had brought Jesus what He needed, but Jesus had a higher need in mind. “…to do the will of Him Who sent Me.”

Prayer: Help us, Lord, to see You at work in the wells of life. Help us see who You want us to see. Help us put aside our needs and desires to do Your will.

[copyrighted, Hariette Petersen, 2009]