Trust Jesus, He Is the Master Gardener

A while back, I was planting some seeds. As I was putting them in the soil, I began thinking about my life. God has ordained each step and He knows the plans He has for me. But often I feel like I’m just stumbling along blindly, not sure where He is leading. I’m like the seeds. And sadly, there are times instead of trusting the Gardener’s plans for me, I think that I know better. I think I know the type of soil I need to be planted in, the amount of sun and shade I need to properly grow, the amount of rain that would be best for optimal growth, and the type of plant that I’ll grow to be.

But Jesus as my Master Gardener; however, lovingly shows me that I don’t know these things. I don’t know if I will grow to become a flower or a stalk of corn. I don’t know what I need to thrive because I can’t see the end result. But God knows the plans He has for my life. He provides that the care I need based on what type of plant I am. He planted me where I needed to be. He waters me with the exact amount of rain that I need. He places me in the sun because I need that heat to grow. He does all this because He loves me. He cares for me and weeds the garden of my life and at times prunes my little plant because He wants me to grow and bear Him fruit.

When the harvest time comes, because of His work, I pray that He will be glorified through the growth in me. He is the one who ordained my steps. I can trust in Him.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you that you know the plans for my life. Thank you that I can trust you when I can’t see where you are leading. Thank you for the promise that You are leading. Give me grace to trust in You, whether you plant me, uproot me, bring the sun, rain or shade. Your ways are good and I look to You, the God who called me and planted me, to be the God who will continue to guide me every step of the way.

Emily Schankweiler is a gifted writer and poet. She has a cross-centered focus that can be clearly seen on her personal blog.

6 thoughts on “Trust Jesus, He Is the Master Gardener”

  1. Charissa, keep holding on to Him. Christ has been so faithful to work in your life up to this point, I am confident He will continue to guide and comfort you. I pray for you constently, that God would continue to be greatly glorified through your many trials. He is faithful! Just keep looking up! Emily

  2. Dear sister in Christ,

    The article touched me. Actually I am going through a big problem at my workplace and I am asking GOD daily why did this happen to me? Why am I been put into trouble and test? This article of your gave me the answer that the pain and trouble that I am going through will be ending soon and GOD is going to shower me with his blessings. Although the journey is very painful but GOD is walking beside and holding my hands. THANK YOU JESUS!

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      thank you for your comment and your honesty. God encourages us, like the Psalmists did, to come to Him with our questioning and our requests. He does know your trials and is caring for you through this. I pray He will give you the grace to continue trusting in Him (and I’m confident that He will, for He has promised to complete the work He began.) My prayer for you is that you will find hope and encouragement there!

  3. Keep this good work you are doing for God…Each time i read your post,i always believe the more that God is the only one that makes a way even when all things seems to be working upside down.
    You are Blessed in Jesus name !!!

    1. Femi, thank you for your encouragement. I’m so glad that God is sovereignly working through every situation in our lives.

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