When You Are Troubled by Doubt

Faced with a troubling situation?  Is anxiety building from some crisis in your life?  I felt that way this weekend.  The situation was beyond my control.  Nothing I could do but watch.  And wait.  And wonder.

I felt lonely in the midst of people surrounding me at church.  I felt alone though family sat next to me.  My mind was not with them; it was overshadowed by anxiety within my mind.  The foreboding, the shadows of doubt tore at the peace I tried to hold in my grasp.  I could no more hold the peace than I could grasp the shadow from the sun on a sweltering day.  With every shadow of doubt, I called out to God to keep me in that moment.  I prayed that He arrest my fears, my doubts, and fill my heart with more of Himself to give me calm–to give me insight and understanding.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

Today, the troubling “situation” is still there.  But today I do not doubt the outcome.  Once again I went to the Father and asked for assurance.  And once again, He showed me that I already have His assurance.  I have everything I need in Him.  He has not changed because some problem clouds my vision with shadows of doubt.  He is in control and will bring about His good, His perfect plan.  He loves my loved one far more than I do.  His love is trustworthy for them.  His watchcare certain.

There is no shadow of turning from our heavenly Father.  His Light is constant–far more reliable than the sun above.  Shadows we face in life are of the world.  Sometimes obstacles.  Sometimes, opportunities.  Some shadows are waiting periods…waiting for the cloud to pass over–times to trust in the ever-present love of God and His power. 

When we face shadows of uncertainty, we have the assurance that the Light of the World is with us and unchanging.  He dispels darkness.  He destroys fear and restores confidence.  He outnumbers our enemies. In Him there is victory.  We can walk with confidence through the shadows of life and death.  He is with us.  Always.  We need only thank Him for His gifts.

PRAYER:  O LORD, Most High, thank you.  Thank you for Your everpresent love.  For Your watchcare and hope in the times I question circumstances in my life.  Thank You.

© Hariette Petersen, SelahV Today, 2011