1 Corinthians 2:1-16   Devotional


In this devotional, we will be reflecting on 1 Corinthians 2:1-16. This passage of Scripture deals with the importance of true wisdom – that which comes from God – and how it can only be understood by those who are open to receive it. We will look at what this means for us today, and explore some questions for personal reflection along the way. Finally, we will end with a closing prayer.

Scripture Commentary

The apostle Paul begins this passage by speaking about his method of preaching when he first arrived in Corinth (2:1). Instead of depending upon worldly wisdom or impressive rhetoric, Paul chose to rely solely on the “demonstration of Spirit and power” (2:4). With this approach, he received “the testimony of Christ” (2:8) and revealed “the deep things of God” (2:10) to those who were open to receiving them. Such truths had been hidden since before “time began” (2:7). Paul then goes on to draw an analogy between spiritual truth and natural phenomena. He calls these truths “spiritual things” that can only be discerned spiritually (2:13-14). As it says in verse sixteen, spiritual truths can only be understood by those who have the Holy Spirit living inside them; such persons are able to receive divine revelations from God himself.

Meaning for Today

This passage has several important implications for us today. One is that relying upon our own understanding or intelligence is not enough when it comes to matters relating to faith and spirituality; the ultimate source of all real understanding is God himself. Another application is the importance of having a teachable spirit and a willingness to learn from God in order to understand spiritual truths. It also speaks about how we must rely upon the power of God’s Spirit as opposed to relying upon human wisdom or clever words alone if we wish to receive divine insights into matters relating directly to faith.

Questions for Personal Reflection

  1. Do I ever find myself relying upon my own perceptions or insights instead of seeking out further guidance from God?
  2. How often am I willing to take the time necessary in order listen attentively and truly hear what God might have in store?
  3. What changes could I make in my life so that I may more consistently seek out revelation and insight from heaven above?

Closing Prayer

Lord, thank you for Your perfect wisdom that surpasses all earthly understanding! Help me keep an open heart today so that I may hear from You clearly as I seek after Your truth each day. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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