Deuteronomy 30:15-20  Devotional

Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Devotional


In this passage, Moses speaks to the Children of Israel on the eve of their entering the Promised Land. He reminds them of the importance of following God’s laws and commands. Their obedience will ensure a prosperous future for them and their descendants. It is a message not only for us today but for every generation since then to come.

Scripture Commentary

In verse 15, Moses states that God has set before them life and death, blessing and cursing; they are to choose life so that they may live long in the land that God promised to their fathers. This is significant because by choosing to obey God’s laws, they will be blessed with long life in the land; if they disobedience, then God will curse them with shortened lifespan as punishment. Verse 16 emphasizes this message further with an imperative command from God—they must “choose life” by loving Him and keeping His commands. This is important because it demonstrates how much value God places on human choice; even though He knows our hearts, He still grants us free will to choose what we want and gratefully accepts our love when we do choose Him. Verses 17-18 explain how difficult it may seem to keep up with all these ordinances and statutes but assures them that these laws are ultimately not too difficult or too far removed from us; rather, they are right there at hand within reach in order for them (or us) to do it. However, even if these commandments seem hidden or unknown at first glance, verse 19 promises that upon inquiry we can discover everything we need to live according to them. Furthermore, verse 20 tells us that our ability to know right from wrong is already within us: “wisdom and understanding” can be found inside each heart that seeks after knowledge—we simply need the courage to go out and look for it diligently in order to learn these things from God Himself!

Meaning For Today

This passage speaks directly into our situation today as believers who strive daily to follow Jesus faithfully despite our sinful nature. Just like the Israelites were called upon by Moses nearly 3 thousand years ago, we too have been given a mandate from Jesus through scripture: love Him above all else and keep His commandments (John 14:15). Therefore, just like those before us who have gone before—from Abraham onward—we must choose life so that we may live long in the land which Jesus has promised those who believe in him (John 14:2). The difference between those times long past however is now easier access than ever before due to technology advances such as smartphones or regular internet access worldwide being combined with Bible applications like YouVersion or audio mp3s/CDs of sermons being spread around everywhere—God’s Word is now practically omnipresent! Thus there “is no excuse for ignorance anymore” about His requirements for obeying Him (Romans 1:20).

Questions For Personal Reflection

  1. What are your thoughts on this passage? Are you living according to its teaching?
  2. How can you apply this text practically in your own life? How might you encourage others around you concerning this message?
  3. Where do you find yourself needing more wisdom & understanding so you can make wise choices moving forward?
  4. What steps can you take today towards following Jesus more closely & seeking after knowledge about His Word?
  5. What area(s) do you see yourself struggling personally when it comes down making decisions based on loving Jesus & keeping His commands?

Closing Prayer Almighty Father – We praise You & thank You for Your amazing grace & never ending mercy towards all mankind! Help each one of us today choose Life – by walking humbly with You & obeying Your teachings so that we may benefit from Your blessings here on earth & glorify Your name forevermore! In Jesus Name – Amen

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