Isaiah 58:1-9a (9b-12)   Devotional

An Exploration


The 58th chapter of the book of Isaiah contains a message from God to his people. The prophet tells of how their actions are not meeting the standards set by their faith, and that they need to change their behavior in order to receive divine blessings and guidance. In this passage, God explains how fasting can be properly done in order to gain spiritual benefits and draws attention to the importance of caring for other people’s physical needs. By studying this passage, we can learn valuable lessons about how we should fast as well as our responsibilities towards others.

Scripture Commentary

This passage begins with God’s words asking why his people have been fasting if they are still engaging in sin and injustice (v. 1-3). He then goes on to explain that proper and righteous fasting should not just involve abstaining from food but also sharing resources with those who cannot provide for themselves (v. 4-5). Specifically, God instructs them to stop withholding wages from their employees or charging interest on loans (v. 6). Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of showing mercy when dealing with disputes (v. 7-8a) as well as providing clothing for those who need it (v. 9a). In all these things, God promises that if his people do them, then blessings will come upon them such as being filled with “light” instead of darkness (v. 8b) and having an answer given when they call out to him (v. 9b).

Meaning for Today

It is easy for us today to look at this passage purely from a religious perspective; however, it is important to consider its implications outside the context of faith too. Our responsibility towards others in terms of providing resources applies whether or not one believes in a deity or follows any particular religion – it is simply a matter of recognizing our common humanity and understanding our interconnectedness with one another regardless of beliefs or background. Next time you choose to fast or take part in any kind of spiritual practice, think also about using it as an opportunity to help those around you who may be struggling financially or otherwise disadvantaged. Additionally, make sure you are always treating others fairly even when it would be easier not to – we should strive daily to live according AMOS 5:24 which states “But let justice roll down like waters…” In doing so we will bring joy both into our own lives and those around us which is truly what matters most!

Questions for Personal Reflection

When considering my own relationship with God and how I am living my life according to His teachings what changes can I make? What do I need more help with? Have I been overly focused on myself instead taking into account the needs of others? How can I serve my community better? What could I be doing now that would honor both myself and those around me?

Closing Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your word which provides us strength through difficult times and offers us guidance about how best we can live our lives accordingly You wishes.. Help us Lord that we may find true joy through serving You our Creator by ministering unto others with utmost compassion and love . May Your Holy Spirit lighten up path so that righteousness may strengthen within us each day’. Amen

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