Luke 2:22-40  Devotional

##Introduction This devotional is based on the passage in Luke’s Gospel that talks about the presentation of Jesus at the temple. Every year, Mary and Joseph followed the commandment of God to offer a sacrifice according to their tradition. This time was different, however. They encountered two people who saw past their earthly involvement and testified to Jesus’ status as the Messiah and our Saviour.

The story Jesus’s birth is certainly an incredible one, but it doesn’t stop there. Luke tells us this story so that we may understand more deeply Jesus’ role among us as our Saviour, Lord and Redeemer.

##Scripture Commentary In Luke 2:22-40 we read about how Mary and Joseph bring baby Jesus to the temple for ritual purification according to Jewish law (verses 22-24). There they meet Simeon, a devout man of faith (verse 25). He takes Jesus into his arms, praising God for finally seeing with his own eyes the saviour of Israel (verses 29-32). At this same time Anna also comes forward—an elderly prophetess who has devoted her life to prayer and fasting (verse 36-37)—to give thanks to God for the hope she now has in Jesus. The Bible says that following this encounter “Joseph and Mary marvelled at what was said about him” (verse 33).

These two figures—Simeon and Anna—represent fulfillment of a promise made centuries before by God himself when he said “I will send my messenger ahead of you….he will be like a father to you” (Malachi 3:1b NLT). We see here that these two were faithful servants of God despite all odds, waiting patiently for redemption; indeed they were ready for it when it came.

##Meaning for Today We can draw many lessons from this Bible passage today — not least among them is that even after centuries pass by between our prayers being uttered and answered, God remains faithful throughout all generations. No matter how far into history your story goes back or how grand your hopes are for a better future, remember that if you remain true to him he will remain true to you — just as he did with Simeon and Anna so long ago on that day in Jerusalem.

We should also take comfort in knowing that wherever we are on our journeys through life – whether our days are filled with joy or marked by suffering – there is someone watching over us: a loving Father who cares about everything we feel and experience here on Earth. Even when aware of all his power and presence he offers us unconditional love – something no other being ever could!

##Questions For Personal Reflection

  • In what ways do I see evidence of God’s faithfulness in my life?
  • What promises have I made to myself regarding remaining faithful? How have I held up against these promises?
  • Is there an area where I need more courage or trust when it comes to waiting on God’s timing?

##Closing Prayer

Lord, thank You for Your Word which teaches us Your faithfulness regardless of time or circumstances. Help me never forget Your goodness even while I am mired with struggle or confusion in my daily life; remind me regularly of Your ever present love so I may walk confidently with You each day! Amen

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