Micah 6:1-8   Devotional

What Does the LORD Require of You?


Micah 6:1–8 is a word from God to Israel, reminding them of all that He has done for them, and what He requires of them in return. This passage serves as an excellent reminder for Christians today, too, about the proper way to live out our faith.

Scripture Commentary

The passage begins with God asking His people in verse one who have come before Him with accusations “What shall I do unto thee? or wherein shall I make thee according to thy desert?” (KJV). He knows their accusations are false, yet still offers mercy and grace if they will turn back to Him. Throughout the passage, God shows His patience and grace as He reminds them of all that He has done for them (v.3-5). In verses 6-7, God clearly states what He desires from His people—justice or fairness (micpah), love or kindness (chesed) and being willing to walk humbly with Him (tamim tehiyeh imach). In other words, God requires us to show justice towards others, demonstrate love in our actions and attitude towards others, and walk humbly before Him by following His commands and trusting in His goodness. In conclusion of this passage—verse 8—God again offers mercy if we will turn back to him with a humble heart.

Meaning for Today

This passage speaks volumes about how we should live out our faith today. As mentioned above, Verse 6 says that God requires justice of us—that means choosing fairness over selfishness and understanding when it comes to others’ points of view. Love is also important—we are called on not only to care for those around us but also work hard at honoring one another regardless of cultural backgrounds or opinions. Finally walking humbly is essential—recognizing that everything we have comes from God; therefore we should be grateful and submit ourselves fully to Him instead of doing things our way first. Regardless if you call yourself Christian or not these principles apply no matter who you are!

Questions for Personal Reflection

Below are some questions you may want to reflect on in light of this devotional: • How can I better demonstrate justice through my choices? • How often do I practice love instead of just talking about it?
• What needs amending so that I can walk more humbly with the Lord?

Closing Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for Your loving mercy towards us even when it seems like we don’t deserve it. Please help us remember Your Word every day; may we strive truly strive for justice in all areas of life as well as demonstrate genuine love through our actions towards others without expecting anything in return. May nothing else nor any other person hold control over our lives but You alone; help us surrender more fully each day into walking humbly with You until the very end—we pray this all in Your precious name Amen!

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