Psalm 112:1-10   Devotional


The Psalms contain a range of emotions and expressions about our relationship with God, and this passage is no exception. Through the words of David, we are reminded of both the goodness and justice of God. In this devotional based on Psalm 112, we’ll explore what these qualities mean for us today, reflect on them personally, and finish in prayer.

Scripture Commentary

In this passage of Psalm 112, the psalmist focuses on the blessedness that comes from trusting and living according to God’s way (v 1). He recognizes the sheer goodness and faithfulness of God (v 2) and celebrates how those who live according to His commands obtain security in life (v 3). Verse 4 speaks to how there is no fear for those who fear God and keep His commandments; rather their hearts are filled with courage and strength because of their trust in Him. Verses 5-7 echo back to verse 1 as they declare that anyone who has such trust will be “like a tree planted by streams,” meaning no matter what storms may come against them, their lives will remain strong. The psalmist continues to tell us that those who follow after righteousness, justice, mercy, and truth will stand firm (vv 8-9), even in difficult times. This is a reminder that a life lived according to His ways always results in blessing despite whatever difficulties arise. Finally we are told that such a life also brings honor and glory (v 10).

Meaning For Today

These verses bring great comfort when our faith is tested or when trials come against us. We can take hold of this promise knowing that if we keep our trust fixed on Him then it won’t matter what comes against us; we have nothing to fear! No matter what storms or struggles arise around us, if we put ourselves within the sheltering arms of Christ – like branches reaching towards a stream – then both our character and life will remain strong through it all. This is an important reminder for us since often our external circumstances can seem daunting or overwhelming; however if we stay rooted deeply into our love for God then even these times can become opportunities for growth in Him! Ultimately each day brings another chance for growth – whether in terms of becoming more righteous or gaining deeper reverence for His ways – consequently standing firm becomes possible each day with Him by our side for support.

Questions For Personal Reflection

Though these truths are encouraging there’s often still much emotion wrapped up any given situation so reflecting upon these truths can really help further cement them into your heart! Consider asking yourself:

  • What areas do I need extra courage or strength?
  • How can I stand firm amidst my current struggles?
  • Is there anything I’m doing right now that should be replaced with righteousness instead?

Taking time out specifically to reflect upon what you’ve learned helps it become more internalized within your mind so don’t be afraid to spend some time meditating on any questions raised!

Closing Prayer

Lord thank You for being so faithful every single day over my life! Thank You also for being good beyond comprehension – always working out not only what’s best but also what’s most loving towards me too even when I don’t understand why certain things happen in my life. So please lend me Your courage & strength so may daily choose Your way over mine. May Your peace fill me now through Jesus Christ I pray Amen

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