Psalm 29  Devotional


The heart of Psalm 29 is one of joy and celebration in the presence of God’s greatness. It is a call to worship the LORD with enthusiasm, rejoicing in his power and recognition that it is he who blesses those who come before him in adoration. The psalmist recognizes the authority and sovereignty of God over all creation, thanking him for his protection and proclaiming his faithfulness. In this Psalm we see how devotion to God brings true blessing, as David understands it is not by might nor by power but only by the Spirit that we are lifted up.

Scripture Commentary

“Ascribe to the Lord, O heavenly beings, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in holy splendor.” (Psalm 29:1-2) These opening words speak to us of our duty as followers of Christ – to honor and glorify God for all He has done for us and make his name known among all people. To venerate Him through praising His holiness and giving Him our love and admiration. “The voice of the Lord echoes above the sea; The God of glory thunders…” (Psalm 29:3) Here we are reminded that even in times when we can’t hear His still small voice, even when life gets rough or there is chaos around us, God will never leave us or forsake us – he will always be thundering out truth right over our heads if we choose to listen. “The Lord sits enthroned over flood; The Lord sits enthroned as king forever.” (Psalm 29:10) Through this verse we get a picture of an almighty King who reigns supreme over all creation – an image that speaks comfort and peace into our hearts no matter what storms may be raging around us. We can take refuge knowing that He sits enthroned forever – unchanging, unshakeable & sovereign.

Meaning for Today

In this contemporary world filled with so much distraction, noise & brokenness, Psalm 29 serves as an important reminder that there nothing else quite as powerful & comforting as taking time out from everything else & just worshipping our Father – singing praises to Him & declaring His goodness no matter what situation we find ourselves in at any given moment. It’s a way to remind ourselves that nothing on this earth matters more than glorifying God & seeking His presence – afterall it is only by doing so that true joy can truly be found in abundance here on earth too!

Questions For Personal Reflection

  • What does it mean to ascribe glory & strength to God? How can I do this more often?
  • What areas in my life am I most tempted not to trust & rely upon God? How would that look different if I chose instead chose trust?
  • Do I recognize opportunities where I could sing praises to Him throughout my days? If not, what practical steps could I take today in order make sure I praise Him more regularly?

Closing Prayer

Father in Heaven thank you for reminding these words from Psalm 29 – such wonderful words full of truth about You! Thank you for your faithful protection – for being present even when it seems like things are chaotic & overwhelming around us! We give you honour & glory today – help us daily walk closer with You so we may learn from your Word & grow ever closer towards greater understanding & knowledge about Your ways! Amen!

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