Psalm 40:1-11   Devotional  


Psalm 40 is one of the best known and beloved psalms in all of Scripture. It is a psalm of David that expresses his profound thankfulness and joy to God for delivering him from a myriad of troubles and for helping him in times of need. The psalm is full of reverence and gratitude as it praises the Lord’s power, faithfulness, and mercy. In this devotional, we will explore Psalm 40:1-11 and consider its words of truth in order to gain deeper insight into its meaning for today.

Scripture Commentary

The psalmist begins by declaring his love for God with words like “I waited patiently” (v. 1), “My soul waits upon you” (v. 2), “in your faithfulness answer me” (v. 3). He acknowledges God’s sovereignty over all things, including the ability to lift up those who are oppressed and afflicted (vv. 4-6). This theme continues in verses 7-8 which speaks to trusting in the Lord rather than relying on human strength or wisdom. Thus, v. 9 proclaims the responsibility of worshipping God with the lips– acknowledging that salvation comes only through Him alone. In verses 10-11, we see an expression of commitment to serve the Lord throughout life; no matter what lies ahead on this earthly journey– revealed by the phrase “behold I come!” —-

Meaning For Today

In our own lives today, we can relate to how David was feeling when he wrote Psalm 40; a mixture of joy and relief at being saved from affliction even though he could not always perceive why it had happened– but trusting that there must be some greater purpose behind it all. We can also draw encouragement from these verses about putting our hope only in God instead of manmade solutions or plans that may bring short-term gains but ultimately lead us astray since only He knows what lies ahead on our path together through this life. Finally, from this passage, we can take away lasting inspiration to continue worshipping God faithfully even when times become difficult – clinging onto His promises amidst seemingly insurmountable odds knowing by His grace alone will be able deliver us out time after time.

Questions For Personal Reflection

  1. How has God helped you through difficult times?
  2. Are there any limiting beliefs or behaviors that might keep you from fully trusting in Him?
  3. What actions could you take today to show reverence towards Him?

Closing Prayer

Thank You heavenly Father for Your complete trustworthiness! Help us each day submit ourselves wholly unto You so that we may be faithful servants both now and forevermore — Amen!

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