Psalm 84  Devotional


Psalm 84 is a poetic hymn of praise for the beauty and grandeur of God’s house. It was likely written by a pilgrim who had visited the temple in Jerusalem and been struck by its majestic splendor. It’s filled with imagery that captures both the sense of awe and devotion that the psalmist felt, as well as his longing for a deeper connection to God through His presence. In this devotional, we will explore some of the themes of Psalm 84 to gain a greater understanding of how its message resonates with us today.

Scripture Commentary

The psalmist begins by proclaiming that even “the sparrow finds a home” in God’s courts (v1). He then goes on to describe how those who abide in His house are blessed “like a bird whose wings are covered with oil,” signifying divine protection and favor (v3). The psalmist acknowledges God’s power throughout nature (vv. 6-7), from cedars to mountains, before declaring that those who serve Him have found their strength renewed (v7). He ends with an earnest prayer that all may share in the blessings of living close to God (vv9-12).

Meaning For Today

Psalm 84 is a vivid demonstration of our desire for spiritual intimacy with God. As we read it today, we can identify with the psalmist’s longing for something greater than what he experiences day-to-day life has to offer. We can also feel encouraged by his acknowledgement that God provides us protection and favor when we choose to abide in His presence. In addition, this passage reminds us of our responsibility to praise and honor Him wherever we go—in places both sacred and mundane alike. Finally, it serves as a reminder to seek out His grace so that we too can be blessed and strengthened like an eagle soaring on wings renewed.

Questions for Personal Reflection

  1. What does it mean for me to draw near to God?
  2. How can I better appreciate the majesty of creation?
  3. How do I show reverence for God in my daily life?
  4. What would it look like for me to be “covered” with oil signifying divine protection?
  5. How can I renew my strength through serving Him?
  6. How can I seek out His grace today?

Closing Prayer

Dear Lord, thank You for Your goodness and grace that overflows into our lives each day! Help us draw near to You so that joy and peace may fill our souls each day! May our hearts soar on wings refreshed as we come closer still into Your loving embrace! Amen.

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