Does joyce meyer still preach on tv?

Joyce Meyer is an internationally renowned speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Her television program Enjoying Everyday Life is broadcast daily on TBN. Joyce Meyer is an American, persuasive Christian writer and speaker and president of the Joyce Meyer Ministries. Well-known television preacher Joyce Meyer has confessed that her convictions about faith and prosperity are out of balance.

Your mission is not easy, but it is transparent. The ministry is intended to influence the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through nutrition programs, medical missions, children’s homes, disaster relief, prison ministry, inner-city programs, the list goes on, the number of aid is staggering, through all these efforts, the ministry’s goal is being achieved endlessly and without limits. And until every stomach is full, every heart is encouraged, every soul is filled with biblical truth, Joyce Meyer Ministries will reach every corner of the world from sunrise in the east to sunset in the west.