How do i start a daily devotion?

How to start a devotional journalWrite down Bible verses or phrases that stand out to you. Whether you’re reading Scripture or a daily devotional (like today), find words that catch your eye and write them down. One thing I like to do is journal scripture. I choose at least one verse from my reading every day and write it down.

Then I also write down my prayer. This keeps me busy and gives me notes to come back to on days when my prayers are missing and my thoughts wander. It takes a bit of planning to get started with daily devotions. There are no rules for what your devotional time will be, but here are some step-by-step ways you can be successful with your quiet time with God.

Devotions are used by a variety of media including large circulation daily devotional guides such as The Quiet Hour, The Upper Room, The Secret Place, The Word in Season, Devocine, Pathways to God and Wesleyan Church (these links will take you to their submission guidelines. Many independent and denominational magazines (such as The War Cry and The Baptist Bulletin) host devotionals in each of their issues. The basic format requires a suggested scripture (usually 5 to 12 verses), a title, a printed specific verse from the suggested reading, and an anecdote or story that shows how this biblical lesson applies today. List 20 emotional injuries that people deal with (loneliness, depression, guilt, shame, abandonment, grief, prejudice, etc.


Then list what aspects of spiritual growth could come from such an experience (learning to pray more effectively, learning to bring the Good News to others, humility Cultivating, etc. Often the only thing that prevents us from creating holy time with God is not having taken time or not building up a structure to get into a routine of doing so. Morning is a great time to set aside time to be with God before the hustle and bustle of the day starts. But whenever you decide to deal with it, be sure to plan how you’re going to spend your time.

An example of how you can structure your routine is to start with prayer, then read some of the Scriptures, and then write down your thoughts. I also have Treasury of Daily Prayer, a devotional volume published by the Lutheran Church based on the readings for the church year. Some publishers not only produce devotional books, but also devotional desk calendars and greeting cards. Write a one-page devotional and submit it to one of the devotional markets listed in the Christian Writer’s Market Guide.

Although certain publications use devotionals aimed at youth, working women, or seniors, most devotions you write will be read by a wide range. Although you may want to do yours a little differently, I hope this will help you develop new inspiration and ideas so that you can brush up on your daily devotional times.