How do you do a daily devotion?

How to do devotions in 10 stepsDecide on a time frame. There is no standard length for in-person devotionals. Finding the right location is the key to your success. It takes a bit of planning to get started with daily devotions.

There are no rules for what your devotional time will be, but here are some step-by-step ways you can be successful with your quiet time with God. One thing I like to do is journal scripture. I choose at least one verse from my reading every day and write it down. Then I also write down my prayer.

This keeps me busy and gives me notes to come back to on days when my prayers are missing and my thoughts wander. How do you do devotions on the go? Well, if you bring a device, you can either read the Bible out loud via BlueLetterBible or YouVersion, tune in to worship music, or listen to a sermon or Christian book while you do so. Write down Bible verses or phrases that catch your eye. Write a one-page devotional and submit it to one of the devotional markets listed in the Christian Writer’s Market Guide.

Although you may want to do yours a little differently, I hope this will help you develop new inspiration and ideas so that you can brush up on your daily devotional times. Although certain publications use devotionals aimed at youth, working women, or seniors, most devotions you write will be read by a wide range. Whether you’re reading Scripture or a daily devotional (like today), find words that catch your eye and write them down. Some publishers not only produce devotional books, but also devotional desk calendars and greeting cards.

I also have Treasury of Daily Prayer, a devotional volume published by the Lutheran Church based on the readings for the church year.