How do you structure a devotion?

The best devotionals focus on a single point. First, we need to identify the situation, problem, or sin. Use a story from the Bible or a personal experience to bring your devotion to life. This is our opportunity to open the reader’s eyes and shed some light on what is or isn’t going on in their life and in the world around them.

Be sure to use a meaningful statement or question to really grab readers’ attention. Your devotionals share a common theme. Typically, there will be one or two verses on which devotion is based. This is the verse that most influences the reader.

Some publishers not only produce devotional books, but also devotional desk calendars and greeting cards. Now that you’ve established your foundation for writing devotionals, let’s review some tips for creating a good devotional. Daily devotions are a great way to be encouraged every day, especially if you’re busy like most people today. Although certain publications use devotionals aimed at youth, working women, or seniors, most devotions you write will be read by a wide range.

Write a one-page devotional and submit it to one of the devotional markets listed in the Christian Writer’s Market Guide.