July 8: Our Daily Walk Devotional


“A man’s existence is not defined by the amount of things he has.” — Luke 12:15.

“I have everything, and I abound.” — Philippians 4:18.

LET US NEVER FORGET this amazing assertion: Life is not about what we have, but what we are. Not in goods, not in goodness, not in things but in qualities. “How much did he earn?” When a man dies we ask, “How much was he worth?” We expect to hear the amount that he had left behind, as well as the death duties of his estate. But a man’s greatest value is his love, humility and generosity. You can take some people’s wealth away and, like the rich man our Lord spoke about in His parable of the Rich Man, you will have nothing left. But if you take all things from St. John and St. Paul, St. Francis and Augustine, or Wesley, you will have an abundance that makes them the millionaires of the world! “Poor but making many rich; having everything and still possessing all of it.”

Three foolish mistakes were made by the rich man in this parable. He treated his wealth as if it were his alone. It is not possible to prove that he made wrong decisions. Evidently, his wealth was a result of the blessing of prolific harvests. It is certain that this was due to the goodness and cooperation of God. He seems to never have thought to lift his grateful eyes and express gratitude to God. We are all too likely to magnify our own intelligence and ability, and exclude God from our accounts for the year.

He believed that barns were the best place to store his excess and neglected that there were many poor and in need people around. We should not invest in more money if we have already accumulated more than we can use or provide for our families. Instead, consider the urgent needs of others.

He believed that goods could satisfy the soul’s hunger. How many times has the heart of a man or woman been filled with goods only to be left hungry? Let us give without expecting anything in return, with full measure, pressed down and running over; we should not only give money but also love, tenderness, and human sympathy. We should give like one who is constantly receiving from God’s infinite resources.


Please help us, O God to place our affections above all things and not below them, for nothing can satisfy the hearts that Thou hast created for us. AMEN.

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